1.Fiar Aerobic Exercise Stepper

Question: What is the max weight limit for this product?
Answer: 250lbs

Question: Is it sturdy? Is it good quality?
Answer: Yes it is sturdy, and it is very good quality!

Question: Do the risers snap in and stay locked in when moving Or carying the stepper?
Answer: Yes

Question: Are these stackable?

Answer: This step has two rounded feet at the bottom that can be adjusted to three heights, making it very easy to use.

Question: I need 2" more in height. Can i get another set of risers?
Answer: Sorry, we do not sell risers separately.

Question: What are the actual dimensions of the product itself? Only the packaging dimensions are listed.
Answer: It is 30 inches long, 12 inches wide. I think I have it set on its highest setting--8 inches floor to top.

Question: Is this long enough to lay down on?
Answer: No.

Question: Is this step wide enough?Would a man with size 13 shoes be able to use it?
Answer: I wear a size 13 shoe and the step has been stable for my exercise regimen.


Question: Is it sturdy enough to use for calf raises?
Answer: Yes, very solid.

2.FIAR Smart Body Fat Scale

Question: How is the after-sales service? Is there a warranty period?
Answer: The warranty of the broken body fat scale I got is 12 months, so I cantacted the seller and suprisingly got a quick replacement.
Question: Is it hard to retract the retractable cord?
Answer: That's what I thought at first, but then I found that pulling the handle up again retracted it quickly.

Question: If multiple people use the body fat scale is it possible to set it for more than one person? Can more than one person use the app?

Answer: Yes, this tracks multiple people easily and automatically.


3.Fiar Massage Gun Deep Tissue

Question: The ad states corded electric but the video shows it is wireless. so which is it. battery powered or electricity powered or perhaps both? thank you!
Answer: It charges with a ISB cable

Question: Is it loud?

Answer: At the highest speed level this massager doesn’t produce annoying loud motor noises. It only puts out 50DB which isn’t loud at all. A hair blow dryer puts out 80+DB. You’re able to use this in any room of your house and not bother other people which is exactly what I look for!

Question: Does this massager have many functions?
Answer: This is a pretty powerful gun. There are different settings of intensity and the different heads make for different massage pressures. I got this for my body builder husband and he loves it.

Question: I received this as a gift for Christmas and it is not holding a charge. Any suggestions?

Answer: If the product has quality problems, you can apply for an exchange and we will send you a new massage gun.

Question: What about the quality of the muscle massage gun? Is it worth buying?
Answer: We have had the massage gun since the beginning of November and it has been used practically everyday and it is holding up very well. The battery life is great and the resonance of the massage head is way better than some of the other massage guns we have tried. I would say that the massage gun is very high quality. 

Question: What about after-sales service?

Answer: I had a problem with the massage gun. Contacting the seller was promptly responded to and resolved.

Question: Open to collab?
Answer: Sure

4.FIAR Adjustable Weight Dumbbells Set

Question: Do these weights go up to 5lbs or 10lbs? Product description says they can be adjusted to 10 lbs but one of the images says they only go to 5 lbs?
Answer: Each dumbbell can go up to 5 lbs each.

Question: Is the grip on these easy for small hands?

Answer: I’m a gal with very tiny tiny hands (size 4.5 wedding band) and I’m able to hang on to these with ease and they’re very comfortable.

Question: How do I get 4. 6. And 10 lbs?
Answer: One has 2lb and the pair has 4lb when no counterweight is fitted

Question: Will you have blue or grey back in stock soon? The orange is a little right for me.
Answer: I have blue weights

Question: Can you make one with all of the weights?

Answer: Yes, you can attach all the weights onto one dumbbell EXCEPT 2 of the 4 end caps. I believe that one dumbbell would then weigh 9 lbs.

Question: Whare can I buy extra discs?
Answer: Counterweight blocks cannot be purchased separately at this time
Question: Can i just exchange the one stem that rattles?

Answer: If there is a problem with the product you can request an exchange.